Dried mushrooms unimaginably in HCMC

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Dried mushrooms unimaginably in HCMC

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Are you looking for a place to sell dried mushrooms, delicious to ensure the taste as well as the best quality products? So please quickly contact the company Mr. Giau to be able to receive instant dried mushrooms delicious attractive offline.

Introduction of attractive aromatic dried mushrooms:

Straw mushroom products are delicious

Straw mushroom products are delicious

Straw mushroom products are delicious There are now many different forms of pre-processed foods, which help to keep the flavor, quality of the product and increase the shelf life of the food. Drying method is one of the most popular methods to help you create attractive and delicious products with the same taste as fresh produce, and the storage time is increased many times as you dry. Food, which causes bacteria and mold does not have conditions to proliferate spoilage food.

The fresh straw mushroom of Giau company provided is such a product. Straw mushrooms are a delicious, nutritious food, but most of the straw mushrooms are water and fungal tissues. This is a very favorable environment for the fungus to grow and damage the fungus. Fresh and can cause poisoning, not good for health at all. Therefore, Giau has produced delicious dried mushrooms, straw mushrooms will be dried to evaporate most of water, then preserved by vacuum packaging. This is a very effective preservation method, you do not need to worry because this method will not change the taste and quality of the product, still retain the fresh taste of straw mushrooms.

The price of dried mushrooms dried nutritious delicious:

Straw mushroom products are delicious

Straw mushroom products are delicious

Straw mushrooms dried fragrant

Straw mushrooms dried fragrant

At Giau Seafood Company, we specialize in providing attractive dried mushrooms with attractive specifications and reasonable price as follows:

Specification: aromatic dried mushrooms are attractive attractive packaging

Selling price of dried mushrooms: Contact

Mushroom is a good food for human health, no side effects that can provide the fiber, vitamins, minerals, … help you to ensure the nutritional needs of the muscles. Every day without worrying about finding another type of food.Straw mushrooms have the effect of preventing cancer. It sounds a bit exaggerated, however, in the fungus there is an active substance called the protid. Therefore, when you eat this fungus regularly, it will help the body to improve cancer prevention.

The straw mushroom itself is sweet, welding nature, has the effect of reducing heat, lower cholesterol and eating. In some places the fungus is also used to make anemia remedy.

Anemic person The effect of straw mushrooms – prepared into anemia

The effect of healing impotence

Men with impotence may use fried straw mushrooms with frog or sparrow meat, eat hot, have sexual effects

In terms of nutrient content in the straw mushrooms, in the 100 grams of straw mushrooms have up to 90 grams of water, other substances like protid 3.6g, 3.2g lipid, 3.4g glucid, 1.1g cellulose. There are also small components of active substances such as: phosphorus, iron, vitamins B0, B1, B12, C1, C2.

In general, mushrooms are a fungus that is quite nutritious for the body. In Vietnam, straw mushrooms are commonly used in food because it is easy to grow and eat well.The above is an introduction to the product of dried mushrooms, dried dried mushrooms, selling dried mushrooms attractive. If you want to buy dried mushrooms from Giau seafood company, please contact us soon please.

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