Peeled Fresh Coconut – where to buy in Vietnam?

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Peeled Fresh Coconut – where to buy in Vietnam?

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Coconut – a magical fruit that goes into many poems. It is not only stopping at literary value, fresh coconut but also brings in many benefits beyond imagination. Take a look this articles if you’re looking for information as well as the trusted address to get the most quality Peeled Fresh Coconuts.

Most of the provinces in Vietnam can grow coconuts, but the land is known as the homeland of coconut is Ben Tre – a province in the Mekong Delta. With a dense planted coconuts and technical care through many generaion, I have to say Coconut is the best with extremely sweet taste. There is undoubtedly that coconuts is the most wonderful and natural beverage among the world of bottled soft drinks in bustle and hustle life. Coconut water also has the effect of cooling, detoxifying, cooling to the body

Ben Tre peeled fresh coconut

In addition to benefit of beverage,  coconut water can also make many other industrial products. Frist, this can be listed to coconut oil. Coconut oil can be used to replace other cooking oils, helping to increase the body’s resistance. On the other hand, coconut oil has a massage effect to help relieve fatigue, moisturizing the skin, hands and feet, in terms of beauty, women can take advantage of coconut oil to remove makeup or skin, hair care .. Besides, there is coconut milk, an indispensable spice for many dishes, many types of cakes, candies, …

Peeled Fresh Coconut – where to buy in Vietnam?

Choosing from quality Ben Tre Fresh coconuts, undergo the process of pre-peeling strictly with modern technology, increasing the aesthetics of the fresh coconut but still ensuring quality, Mr. Giau specializes in providing Peeled Fresh Coconut to all domestic and foreign markets in large quantities

Please contact to our staff to get the newest price.

This is the reason why you should choose products in Mr. Giau’s company:

Frist, we do our best to guarantee the quality to meet customer demand.

Second, the whole process can be completed by a strict quality control system.

Third, your needs will be answered as soon as possible

Fourth, the delivery team is very well-trained and prosfessinal, always in ready position to adapt to your needs.

Any question, don’t hestitate to pick up the phone and call for us from right now. We are always willing to answer your any questions.

The note when using Peeled Fresh Coconut

Drinking coconut water is very good for health  because in coconut Water contains many different values ​​such as vitamin E, B C, carbohydrates, protit, lipit, and some other minerals (Kali, clo, protein, canxi,…). These nutritions help nerve cells, immune system, anti-inflammatory, oxidative. Pregnant women should drink coconut water regularly to help give birth easier. However, it should not be so that abuse of drinking it too much in a day. Drinking too much coconut water will cause flatulence, discomfort. Because the product is peeled fresh coconut, so please follow the instruction of dueday which is printed on coconuts, avoid to overdue using.


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