Frozen banana leaves in Vietnam

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Frozen banana leaves in Vietnam

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Top Sale 6/2024 # Frozen Banana Leaves In Vietnam Bao Nhiêu Tiền? Mua Ở Đâu Giá Rẻ? # Top Yêu Thích

Bananas have been associated with human life for a long time, according to studies showing that bananas have sweetness, welding properties, and have a cooling effect and detoxify effect. Thinly sliced ​​young banana trunks are a familiar vegetable dish in the countryside. Banana corn can be made raw, pickled or mixed salad. Banana chat is a dish served with boiled meat or grilled fish with fish sauce. It can be seen, from the root to the top, every part of the banana tree has many great uses, but there is a component that seems to leave the banana tree with equally great benefits. It is a banana leaf

Newly grown leaves are thin, light green .. You can see banana leaves in many restaurants, bars or familiar dishes such as Chung cake,  pound cake … which are wrapped in fresh green banana leaves. , eye-catching and fragrant. Wrapping goods and food with banana leaves is not only beautiful, but also helps the package stay fresh longer. However, fresh banana leaves usually have a short shelf life, so frozen banana leaves which appied modern technology can help to solve this matter. Banana leaves develop most strongly around May – June, each month can grow 3-4 leaves, large, thick, dark green and glossy banana leaves.

Frozen banana leaves at Mr. Rich company

Banana is a genus of the genus Musa native to tropical regions in Southeast Asia and Australia. Today bananas are widely grown around the world, popular in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia. The temperate zone countries do not grow bananas but are the biggest importers of bananas. In Vietnam, the Mekong Delta region with porous, humus-rich, nutrient-rich alluvial soil, moisturized and well drained is where banana production and exports are the most in the country.

Frozen banana leaves at Mr. Rich company

At Mr. Giau company, we are professional in supply frozen banana leaves exported to many countries around the world such as USA, UK, Japan, Korea, … With modern technology machines and clean, safe raw materials, clear origin from inland – Vietnam and a certificate of origin from farmers, our company provide the best quality products reach consumers. It proves through many years by our value customers.

Size: Maximum length of 100 cm, minimum width of 20 cm (depending on the wind season)

– Packing: 500 gram / PA bag, vacuum or other customer requirements.

– Storage: -18 degrees Celsius

For more information and the best price please contact our sales staff

Banana leaves and health

According to research, banana leaves contain a plant compound called polyphenols like epigallocatechin (EGCG). This type of natural antioxidant compound fights free radicals and prevents disease. Also found in green tea. On the other hand, banana leaves also have anti-bacterial properties that can kill the bacteria in food, reducing the risk of illness and disease for the user.

In terms of the environment, banana leaves are a perfect alternative to plastic, foam, etc. that minimize the impact on the environment. Banana leaves can decompose in a very short time while plastic takes decades, even … hundreds of years to decompose.


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