Dried Anchovies – who is the fan of this definitely  couldn’t pass this articles?

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Dried Anchovies – who is the fan of this definitely  couldn’t pass this articles?

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Dried anchovies, a rustic but never boring dish for many families. The image of whole family sitting around the dried anchovy pot in a raining evening is enough to vibrate many hearts. If you are also a big fan of dried anchovies, do not  neglect this articles that we will provide necessary information about dried anchovies.

Anchovies (scientific nomenclature: Engraulidae), small fish present in all over the world, the size only ranges from 2 to 10 cm, their food mainly is plankton. Anchovies have a slightly transparent body with a long silver-white stripe along body. Because of its small size, anchovies do not live in sporadic populations but live in groups, a herd can reach to hundreds, even thousands of fish. Flock of anchovies when moving in the water to form a block of sparkling motion is very magical.

Dried anchovies can create many delicious dishes

Anchovies bring in many good nutrients for health, such as protein – the element to structure the biological body, or vitamin A which help better eye activities, prevent eye diseases such as cataracts, in another research also show that dried anchovies can help improve heart health by reducing the amount of LDL cholesterol. In general, anchovies, or iron in anchovies, increase oxygen supply and blood circulation in the body. Other species fish are often exposed to toxins and chemicals, but thanks to the small size, combined with a short life span of maximum drop to 4 years, anchovies usually carry less toxins, ensuring health.

Dried Anchovies recipes

There is the many endless methods to process dried anchovies to create excellent recipes wheather you do any method. With their salty favour, fantastic crunch, it’s easy to used. Personally, one of my favorite methods is fried them with garlic and chilli, the combination of mix of crispy, salty, aromatic garlic, spicy chili always get me out of stress, charge backenergy, ready for the new things coming. You also can try to process dried anchovies with sauce, stir-fried,  saute them, or cook as Korea or India style …

The price of 1 kg dried anchovies at Mr. Rich company

Dried anchovies are dried from fresh anchovies caught directly from the central region of Vietnam, through rigorous processing with closed technology, dried anchovy products at Mr. Rich company is one of the reputable addresses providing the highest quality and the most reasonable price of dried anchovies to customers. If you are still wondering where to choose to buy the best fresh anchovies, don’t hestitate contact us immediately.

Dried anchovies are packed into a PE vacuum bag or at your request. The fish size is 2 – 3cm, 3 – 4cm, 4 – 6cm, 5 – 7cm, 8 -10cm. Just a phone call, we will provide and advise specifically what you need.

For price: contact / kg

The simple dish, saves time but still ensures the appetite and nutrition for the whole family.  Why don’t you contact us right now. With high in demand due to premium quality and affordable prices, on time delivery, we confident that our products will satisfy all strict customers. Let us know if you need any futher information.


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