Frozen mango – Specializing in supplying high quality

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Frozen mango – Specializing in supplying high quality

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After harvest, the mango will be peeled, sanitized and then placed into the cutter in small pieces to the mouth. Then introduced into the cold room, produce Frozen Mango products with the quality of products are guaranteed in deep cold, fresh product after freezing, color and flavor of mango is preserved after thawing.

Nutritional content from Mango:

 frozen mango sand

frozen mango sand

Our company is an exporter and commercial agent representing many large enterprises in Vietnam with many reputable exporters of fresh and cold fruits such as: sand mango, spinning sand, grapefruit Green, grapefruit 5 whip, papaya, rambutan, dragon fruit, old banana .. VietGAP standard, GLOBAL GAP.

Currently our company supply frozen mango sand in large quantities for export, your company and individual needs please contact us to give full information.

Mango sand we provide goods meet export standards to ensure no pesticide residue.Mangoes are rich in calories and nutrients such as vitamin C; vitamin A; Vitamin B6 and some other B vitamins

Mango also contains many beneficial bacteria for the body.

Mango’s health value:

Vitamins in mango have antioxidant effects and enhance the immune system and eyesight, prevent dry eyes, night blindness

Enzyme compounds fight colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and leukemia.

High levels of vitamin C help improve blood fats

The antioxidants in mango also filter out blue light rays, which are harmful to the eyes, especially the risk of age-related jaundice. Mango also helps prevent asthma, prostate and rectal diseases.

The effects of mango on diabetes

There are many who say that mango can increase blood sugar, but in fact, these thoughts and thoughts are completely wrong. Mango is a natural food that helps stabilize insulin levels in the blood, preventing high insulin levels in the blood, and is useful for people with diabetes. Not only the mango fruit, but if the mango leaves are soaked in the filtered water overnight, the diabetic drinker will have a visible improvement effect.

Effects of mango on anemia

For those with anemia, mangoes contain a lot of iron to supplement the blood. In addition, mango iron can also produce the most needed blood for the body.

Prices of frozen okra in Giau company:

 frozen mango sand

frozen mango sand

At present, our company offers fresh and frozen mango with the following specifications and reasonable price:

Specification: Fresh, fresh, freshly ground coriander

The frozen mango after defrosting will help you make a variety of delicious delicious dishes different, such as boiled corn tofu with soy sauce or chao, is a popular dish but no less The delicious part, is quite a lot of people love. Or the use of fresh tofu to cook sour soup with fish and other vegetables such as mint, broccoli, tomato, … is also an extremely reasonable choice, not only helps create delicious taste Attractive for your meal but also bring a very rich source of nutrition for you and your family.

Our frozen mango products are produced in a closed process that allows you to be completely satisfied with the quality and price in the market. Please contact us now to get the delicious frozen mango product. Very pleased to serve you


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