Frozen Boiled Sweet Corn – How much does 1kg frozen corn

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Frozen Boiled Sweet Corn – How much does 1kg frozen corn

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Young corn is a nutritious and easy-to-eat food that should be enjoyed by many housewives and chefs. With natural sweet taste is not too harsh, the search for corn has become a necessity in the ingredients of the food for the party today. Young corn harvested after harvest will be peeled and handled. Then introduced into the Frozen room, produce Non- Frozen Corn products with guaranteed quality of deep cold, fresh product after freezing, color and flavor of baby corn are preserved. After defrosting.

The nutritional value of young corn

nutritional value of young corn

nutritional value of young corn

Young corn contains large amounts of fiber in corn stalks with functions that enhance the well-developed and well-functioning digestive system, while fiber in young corn also provides large intestinal support in the intestine. Energy supply should help reduce the risk of major bowel diseases.

In young corn, there are many carotenoids that help the antioxidant better help prevent breast and lung cancer.

Young corn contains a lot of vitamin B1 as scientists have studied to help the process of memory training well, reducing dementia helps signal well for the nervous system in the body. In addition, when young corn in the body, there will be some substances metabolized into vitamin A.

Sell ​​cheap frozen corn corn

Sell ​​cheap frozen corn corn

With plenty of nutrients from baby corn to help the body more healthy, try eating baby corn once. Not only these nutrients, but baby corn also contain substances like vitamins E, B6, K, calcium, zinc, riboflavin, iron, choline, copper and selenium are good for health.

Health Benefits of Corn:

Fiber in young corn improves the health of the digestive system, supports the development of beneficial bacteria in the colon to short-chain fatty acids that provide energy to the intestinal cells, reducing the risk of bowel and cancer diseases. Colon letter

Many studies have suggested that eating regular mums reduces the risk of diabetes, lowering blood sugar levels

Beta-cryptoxanthin helps prevent lung cancer and breast cancer effectively

Eat young corn helps the tired mind, memory loss, slow the process of aging due to age, prevent anemia, good for the skin.

Selling frozen young corn and selling price

nutritional value of young corn

nutritional value of young corn

Specification: Young corn clean cryopreservation in vacuum aspiration.


+ Whole young corn: 4 – 7 cm or 7 – 10 cm + Corn cut: 1.5 – 3.0 cm

Mr. Giau is one of the famous brands selling food today, not only fresh food, dry food but also frozen one of the advantages of Mr. Rich. Stepping on the way of food business – one of the essential necessities of human being today – Mr. Rich knows that the most important thing is to ensure food hygiene and safety for their own items. In particular and for the guests of Mr. General in general.

Frozen young corn products of Mr. Giau Food is a good quality product. The newly harvested corn is undergoes early processing and then immediately placed in the storage compartment to ensure the freshness of corn and the sweetness of corn is still the best guarantee.

Quickly buy frozen corn for processing into many delicious dishes such as fried, cooked soup, soup soup is delicious and natural taste of corn with fragrant aroma is very attractive. For more information, you can contact Giau company quickly to get an answer soon.

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