Black pepper – how much is it in Viet Nam

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Black pepper – how much is it in Viet Nam

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Black pepper is one of the main ingredients and spices in Vietnamese householdsas well as around the world. With a spicy and characteristic aroma, black pepper will help dishes become more attractive, delicious and aromatic. A little crushed black pepper will be a uniqe spice for cooked vegetables, pasta, meat, fish, poultry, … Black pepper can also perfectly mix when combine with other spices like turmeric powder, cardamom, dill, garlic and lemon zest to enhance the taste of the dish.

Vietnam is the largest exporter of black pepper

Black pepper is known as a group of nuts, harvested and processed from pepper. The pepper tree is native to Kerala in the south of India. From the 17th century, the French colonists brought this plant to our country to plant. So far, Vietnam has 6 key provinces growing and producing pepper such as Binh Phuoc, Dak Nong, Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau. With suitable living environment and long-term pepper growing experience, Vietnam is known as one of the largest pepper exporting countries with the highest quality pepper.

Evaluation of black pepper quality is simple but it will be confused if we do not know how to observe carefully. Therefore, the following factors should be taken into consideration in order to choose a quality black pepper: the appearance of black pepper is dark brown or black, the outer shell of wrinkle. (According to the experience of our grandparents, when buying black pepper we should choose rich-black peper seed which is mature ripe seeds, giving the highest quality black pepper.) Pepper when holding firmly felt heavy, heavy seeds. The good black pepper is big, round, even and have a strong smell when smelling.

Why is black pepper trusted by people?

 Black pepper is not only known as a specialty spice of some lands, but eating black pepper also brings a lot of benefits to our bodies. That is the reason why black pepper become more and more popular in the world

According to researchs, content of piperine in black pepper has an anti-Androgen effect, helps to fight inflammation, antibacterial, maintain liver health. In addition, black pepper also contains Feruperine Amide which helps prevent oxidation of the body.

Some of black pepper benefits:

  • Enhancing brain development.
  • Helping the digestive system to be stable and healthy.
  • Good for people who are in the process of dieting, losing weight.
  • Help the body to stimulate absorption, supplement nutrients better.
  • Combining pepper with turmeric will prevent the formation and growth of cancer cells.
  • Lower cholesterol levels, improve blood sugar control in the body.
  • An antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.
  • Supporting the treatment of toothache, toothache, tooth decay.
  • Treating colds, coughs, stuffy nose.
  • Has good effects on eyes.
  • Preventing the risk of depression.
  • Preventing diseases such as gangrene and ear aches.

How’s about black pepper price?

Back pepper prices are the questions that many people are most interested in. Mr. Rich company is confident to be supply the best quality black pepper, ensure hygiene and safety with a reasonable price for customer. The price of black pepper fluctuates every day, according to the seasons, seasons and regions. Therefore, don’t hestitate to contact directly to us to get the latest update price for black peper. Our mission is bring the most satisfaction to customers. Let us know if you need any further information.


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