Frozen taro and its great benefits

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Frozen taro and its great benefits

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Taro has long been a agricultural product used as a food throughout the world, from Asia, Africa to the Americas. Besides the culinary value (especially in the control dishes, curry, tea, coconut soup …), using taro properly also brings high nutritional values ​​to help the body prevent and avoid many diseases. Frozen taro which is made by quick frozen from fresh taro is handy popular product in many parts of the world.

According to traditional medicine, taro is sweet, spicy, average, used for processing into many dishes that bring high nutritional value. Taro is fairly easygoing, grows well in areas with high humidity. This plant is capable of grown all year round, but the appropriate crop can give the highest yield is the winter-spring crop. The parts of the plant are tubers, vertical leaves and cow bands that have their own uses. Therefore, taro is a tree with high economic efficiency. In Vietnam, taro is popular in most ecoregions, especially in An Giang and Dong Thap provinces.

Clean, safe and hygienic frozen taro at Mr. Rich company

Taro after harvesting are washed rind, discarded the broken parts, to remove the taro sprouts because there are many toxins in these stuff. If you skip this step, the toxins in taro can cause poisoning for users. Do not peel the taro too thick as it will lose the very good protein layer that exists close to the skin of the bulb.

Some of frozen taro benefits

Frozen taro contains variety of benefits for health, some of that benefits can be listed as below

Strengthen resistance

Taro contains many nutrients, especially protein, Vitamin C, phenolic, sanponin, phytic acid, glycokaloids, …. Helps improve the body’s resistance, helps to immune to common pathogens. In addition, taro has the effect of preventing and preventing cancer because taro has antioxidant antioxidant quercetin which prevents cell damage.

Stimulates digestion

The starch and fiber in taro are very effective in supporting the digestive system and reducing cholesterol. Taro contains about 27% of the daily recommended amount of fiber. Therefore, eating taro in a reasonable dose helps you prevent constipation and have a healthy digestive system

Good for people with kidney

Taro has very little fat, sugar, and protein but its calorie content is quite high so it will be good for those who are in the process of treating kidney disease.

Helps prevent weight gain

Taro are low in fat, and taro often help control blood sugar, so for people who are dieting, this food will help prevent weight gain quite effectively.

Where to buy frozen frozen taro?

To choose a delicious taro, you can rely on the following two factors. The first is based on size, the best taro is the ones with medium size, neither too big nor too small. The second is the color. Taro in the gut are opaque white, appear more purple veins are the most delicious taro and flour.

With many years of experience in supplying and exporting Frozen Vegetables such as Frozen Baby Taro, Frozen Bitter Melon Whole, Frozen Boiled Peanut, Frozen Ginger, Frozen Water Chestnut, … Mr. Richcompany is a reputable unit where you can find qualify Fozen taro that do not use chemicals and food additives, ensure export standards to ensure products are clean, safe and hygienic.

For more information and the best price please contact our sales staff

Frozen Taro (Frozen Taro) can be processed into dishes depending on the needs of consumers. With the great value of taro, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us right today.

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