Frozen Beef Supply Wholesale Import Prices good for health

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Frozen Beef Supply Wholesale Import Prices good for health

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The most popular frozen beef in the market today is Australian beef, American beef, beef, and so on. In the present market, the food is unknown and can not be hygienically safe. , Users should carefully review and check the origin and quality of health and hygiene during the processing of meat, not because of cheap without considering the problem. quality.

US frozen beef is special

US frozen beef

US frozen beef

Our company is a direct importer of cattle, due to growing demand and expanding market, our company specializes in supplying frozen US imported beef, frozen beef, American brand of bongon, goat Australia, Australia sheep quarantined goods and ensure food safety and hygiene.

At first glance, American beef is dark red, slightly darker than scarlet like Australian beef – the quality is lower.American “standard” beef must bear the USDA seal of approval – the US Department of Agriculture. USDA divides beef into 8 different categories, in which the first 5 levels are sold to consumers, the lowest level 3 is used only for canned food.

US beef quality is always on the top before being exported to countries around the world. US cattle farms strictly comply with the regulations from breeding, feed, breeding facilities, processing … so the quality of meat is always safe, no harmful substances. Bad for health. Not only that, the packaging and quality inspection of frozen US beef certified by the US Department of Agriculture before being exported to Vietnam is also strictly controlled. The packaging process, packaging standards, storage facilities are maintained to maintain the quality of meat. Therefore, you can rest assured about the clean and safe quality of frozen US beef.

US beef is frozen – 40 degrees C, so keep the quality and nutrition of meat. Especially the taste of Black Angus breeds can not be mixed here: beef soft, sweet and lettuce melt in the mouth when enjoying. If you choose the meat to prepare for the family meal, then US frozen beef is the perfect choice.

Price of US frozen beef

US frozen beef

US frozen beef

Depending on the different types of American beef different prices of it also have differences. The lowest price is American beef (about 170,000 – 250,000 VND / kg), followed by higher quality meats such as shoulder loin, beef, American beef, lean beef, Prices ranged from 250,000 to 600,000 VND / kg.

Thus, you can be absolutely assured of the superior quality of frozen US beef.

If you have questions or need advice, please send a message or call gofood directly. Because of Vietnamese health, we always try to bring not only quality American beef products but also the leader in customer service, transportation, fast payment, convenient! If you are looking for a clean, quality American beef supply

Why can housewives spend half a million to buy a pound of frozen US beef, what is the reason American beef is so popular, let’s gofood find out! US beef imported to our country is kept in a cabinet at the right temperature, ensuring that meat remains fresh and safe for consumers’ health. American beef is shipped back to Vietnam by sea and cut at the request of each customer.

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