Dried onion leaves delicious for delicious dishes

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Dried onion leaves delicious for delicious dishes

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You want to buy dried onion to facilitate the processing of delicious dishes attractive, but the fear of fresh leaves do not last long, affect the quality of food and health? So you try the product of dried onions of our company Giau nhe.

About dried onion products:

dried onion products

dried onion products

Green onions or green onions, young onions are the common name of the species of the genus. All green onions are green hollow leaves (onion varieties). Onion, or pilgrimage, green onion, sometimes called onion, use is a vegetable and spices in the cooking.

The product has been tested to meet microbiological standards under Decision 46/2007 / QD-BYT.

The product ensures the quality of food hygiene and safety and does not harm the health and life of consumers.

Dried onion is one of the familiar and important spices in Vietnamese food. It contributes greatly to the scent and appeal of the food. From a very popular and simple dish such as onion porridge, have a very good resolution effect, or like steamed fish or steamed chicken must have the presence of fresh green onions to taste properly. Or as the barbecue is better when the presence of fat onions. All show the important role of scallion in everyday life. However, green onions have a characteristic that they are fresh food, preserved in the refrigerator, it is only 2 3 days can not be used anymore, causing waste. Therefore, we would like to introduce the product of dried leaf scallion, processed from fresh green onion, a product extremely convenient and attractive, is indispensable product in your kitchen if you regularly Use the scallions to prepare delicious and delicious dishes.

The price of dried apricots in Giau:

dried onion products

dried onion products

Delicious dried onion product

Delicious dried onion product

At present, our company is supplying delicious dried apricots with the specifications and a reasonable price as follows:

Specification: fresh dried onion bagels

Price of dried onions: Contact

With dried onion, delicious food will not be too difficult anymore. The dishes that contribute to the scallions are not only delicious but also have a healing effect. For example, the onion porridge mentioned above, in addition to the use of emotion, it also stimulates the digestion, supplement the necessary nutrients for the body, increase the resistance. So this is a very good food for people who are sick by changing weather, colds, fever .. can see the use of scallions is very large.With modern drying production line, our company brings domestic and foreign consumers with clean, quality, safe and hygienic products.


The goods meet the export standard with the best price and high quality.

Our export markets: Korea, China and Europe …

Above are the wonderful uses of green onion, which can help you prepare delicious and delicious dishes. The selling price of dried onion, where the best selling dried onion, is at Giau company. Please contact us soon.Dried onions with quality export, quality reputation. For instant noodle company, porridge, baking ingredients, fried fish, noodle soup, supermarket, restaurant, food company ..

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