Frozen Coconut Slices in Ho Chi Minh City

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Frozen Coconut Slices in Ho Chi Minh City

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Long live, fresh coconut is a food extremely familiar to the people of Vietnam. Coconut is a versatile plant, its use has gone into the literature. Join with Mr. Giau company to enjoy delicious dried coconut products attractive.Coconut is a fruit that no stranger to anyone, this is a fruit drink very useful, bring many health benefits. However, many people only know the effect of water but little is known about copra. It is also very good, bring good effects if know how to use.

Introduction to coconut and dried coconut products:

dried coconut products:

dried coconut products:

Currently, coconut is a dominant species of some of our provinces, simply because they have many different sources. From fresh coconut, you can get a lot of different products. For example, coconut can be used as a fuel, as a raw material for the wood industry, and coconut shells for the arts, coconut leaves used in rural construction or fuel. Finally, the two most important products, fresh coconut water is used as a beverage, raw materials for dishes such as meat warehouse, coconut casserole soup, … and coconut rice, used in dishes, or Used as dried coconut products and seafood companies provide to you with a very reasonable price. Delicious dried coconut products are made from fresh coconut milk, through complex packaging processes to produce delicious, hygienic coconut, a delicious snack for many people, or can Combine cream, tea, cake … to create crispy, fat, delicious food for use to fat and sweet of coconut.

Coconut is the embryos and lees of palm trees. Crispy aromatic coconut, rich in oil and rich in proteine. The copra or coconut (Southern dialect) or coconut scrape is the flesh of the old, white coconut and is the edible portion of the coconut.

The coconut contains many nutrients such as glucose, fructose, saccharose, fat, protein, B vitamins, vitamins C, and possium (K) magnesium (Mg). Fresh about 4g of protein, 48g of glucid, 20g of organic acid and 4g of mineral. It was found that the composition of coconut water has similarities to that of human body cells but has a high kalium content of 38.2-53.7mmol / l, with low levels of natrium, chlorine, and PO4. . Therefore, it has been used to treat dehydration to balance electrolysis. Some effects of drinking coconut water:

Price for selling delicious dried coconut attractive:

dried coconut products:

dried coconut products:

At Giau Seafood Company, we specialize in providing delicious and delicious coconut with attractive price and reasonable price as follows:

Specification: delicious coconut milk delicious

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With coconut milk, it not only gives you a delicious, fatty taste, but also provides a large amount of nutrients for your body, , K, A, C, … along with an abundant amount of fat, providing enough energy for daily activities of the human body. In addition, coconut is a good spice for delicious dishes such as cakes, tea, ….

Let’s find a place to sell dried coconut prestige is Mr. Giau company and choose for themselves freshly dried coconut products to be able to create attractive delicious dishes from coconut dried fresh delicious for the whole family, or simply Is the addition of essential nutrients for the body.

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