Melon nutritious drying in the Ho Chi Minh City

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Melon nutritious drying in the Ho Chi Minh City

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If you like to use fresh and delicious foods such as fresh vegetables, you should not miss the most delicious products that Mr. Rich Company we distribute that is the product of fresh dried beans attractive delicious.

Introduction of fresh dried products:

fresh dried beans attractive delicious.

fresh dried beans attractive delicious.

Passion is a delicious fresh food and has a lot of nutritional value that you can not miss. Passion is considered a precious medicine from ancient times, can treat many different diseases. Diseases of the digestive tract, respiratory, … are suffering through cure. So this is the type of food you should use more in the meal, the more you use, the better for health. However, the general characteristics of this kind of food is that the preservation is not long, so you can order dry products through the delicious drying of seafood companies, we provide, is a very food. delicious. Cut through the fresh slices, remove the seeds and then dried to evaporate a sufficient amount of water, help the suffering through longer preservation, avoid the attack of mold, bacterial spores, … However, it is important to note that you also have to combine preserved products through drying in a direct sun-dried and ventilated environment in order to increase the storage time of the product.

Passage through the scientific name is Momordica charantia Linn. Belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family. It is widely distributed in China, Malaysia, India and tropical Africa. In Vietnam, the miserable fruit is very popular, especially on New Year’s Day, in addition to meat, poultry, duck, cucumber,In traditional Guyana medicine, distressed leaf tea is used for diabetes, flatulence, dysmenorrhea, and as a viral agent against measles, hepatitis, and fever. It is used locally for sores, wounds, infections and infections of worms and parasites. Grafted seeds are used in the treatment of sores, liver and spleen diseases, diabetes, intestinal parasites, High cholesterol, and flatulence, healing wounds and abdominal pain …

The prominence of fruit is the shell, flesh, intestines and seeds have the same high nutritional value in which seeds are not quite fat. Therefore, in processing, make use of the husks and intestines to produce juice rather than extract antioxidants.

The price of drying dried vegetables rich nutrition:

fresh dried beans attractive delicious.

fresh dried beans attractive delicious.

At present, seafood company Mr. Giau specializes in providing quality dried products with the specifications and prices are extremely attractive as follows:

Specification: raw through fresh, dried, packaged

Sale price of fresh dried beans: 120,000 VND / kg

The good quality dried product is very convenient, you only need to buy and process into delicious delicious food, without any preliminary steps. The delicious dishes from the past suffering that you can consider processing and enjoy, first to mention the miserly stir fried beef is attractive, is a delicious and nutritious dish, provide enough Nutritional value for the body. There are also many other dishes such as grilled egg fried squid, suffering through ink fried squid, torture through shrimp sauce, …

Above here is a place to sell dried guava, the price of dried guava through delicious and delicious dishes can not miss from the past through fresh delicious. You can immediately contact with Mr. Giau to order raw products through frozen fresh and enjoy the delicious food from suffering through offline.

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