Dried mango nutritious delicious in Ho Chi Minh City

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Dried mango nutritious delicious in Ho Chi Minh City

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If you like to eat delicious fruits like mango, you also want to try the mango dried fruit, a delicious dish made from mango, provided by Mr. Rich Company, extremely fragrant Delicious as well as nutritious.

About mango and dried mango products:

dried mango products

dried mango products

Mentioned mangoes, certainly none of us do not know. Mango is an extremely popular fruit in the tropics, can usually find them in China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, … Mangoes come in a variety of varieties, ranging from mango to mango, mango to mango, mango as mango, etc. There are a variety of mangos, however, for mango products. Our dried ingredients are derived from ripe mango, so it has a sweet taste, rich in water, beautiful yellow, sweet and delicious, very attractive. Fresh mangoes are mainly eaten with salt, or pressed for drinking water, while live mangos are made to make a delicious salad. As for our dried mango, which can be used to eat very well, or to go for baking, it will also be a very delicious and worthwhile experiment. There are countless ways to make fresh mango or dried mango into delicious dishes to taste the Vietnamese people are waiting for you to discover it.

Mango juicy, delicious and sweet. Not only that, mango is also known as the king of fruits in some parts of the world. Sweet mango from the inside out, in flavor as well as fragrance. And above all, mango is a very nutritious food for the body. There are sweet, sour, temperate, the effect of pneumonia, cough. Sweet, bitter, temperate, pain-relieving. Treatment of symptoms such as mouth dry throat, urinary incontinence … Help prevent colorectal cancer and disease due to lack of fiber in the food. Experimentally demonstrated that saponins in mango have the effect of coughing and preventing cancer. The fruit is not ripe

Price of dried mango dried fresh in Mr. Giau company:

frozen mango sand

frozen mango sand

Nowadays, at Giau company, we specialize in providing attractive and delicious mango products with an extremely reasonable price and packing style as follows.Mango juice contains a percentage of nutrients as follows: 103 kalo, 75% vitamin C antioxidant and strengthen the immune system; 24% vitamin A helps to prevent oxidation and increase vision; 12% vitamin B6 and some other B vitamins prevent the effects of brain and heart disease; 10% of good bacteria; 8% of copper is needed for the production of blood cells; 8% potassium helps balance sodium intake and 5% magnesium.

Specification: delicious mango

The price of delicious dried mango: 180,000 VND / kg

Fresh mango is not only sweet but sour sweet but also different kinds of nutrients, ensuring to provide your body with excellent nutrients as well as abundant energy source for you. Can do good work everyday. However, one thing to note is that the dried mango contains a lot of sugar, so people with a history of diabetes or obesity should limit the consumption of dried mango products to ensure the best health.

The above is an introduction to the product of dried mango, delicious and nutritious by Mr. Giau company, where sell dried mango and the price of mango dried and delicious attractive, offers many options for the supply of Delicious food rich in nutrition for the family.

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