Frozen dragon fruit attractive at tphcm-quality – excellent

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Frozen dragon fruit attractive at tphcm-quality – excellent

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Top Sale 5/2024 # Frozen Dragon Fruit Attractive At Tphcm /️ Quality /️ Excellent # Top Yêu Thích

The harvested dragon fruit will be peeled, sanitized and then cut into slices into small pieces to mouth. Then put in the Frozen room, produce Frozen Dragon fruit products with guaranteed quality of deep cold, fresh product after freezing, color and flavor of dragon fruit is preserved. After defrosting.Our company is an exporter and commercial representative for many prestigious enterprises in Vietnam market producing and exporting frozen agricultural products such as frozen dragon fruit, tapioca peeled Fresh and boiled frozen, frozen boiled corn, sweet potato, taro … according to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and IQF freezing.

Nutritional content from Dragon fruit:

Frozen Dragon fruit products

Frozen Dragon fruit products

At present, our company supply frozen dragon fruit in large quantity and export standard to ensure safe and hygienic products which our company produce with closed modern production line. Good quality and delicious natural flavor. Our export markets: Middle East countries, Europe, Canada and USA. We export both by sea and by air. Your company and individual needs please contact us for the most complete information, as well as get competitive prices.

Dragon fruit provides vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B3 good for the body.

Iron content and protein content in high dragon fruit

Most of the fat and protein content is found in the dark, tiny seeds of the dragon fruit.

Health value of the Dragon fruit:

The soluble fiber in dragon fruit helps support weight loss, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood sugar, nourishes intestines and prevents colon cancer.

Eat dragon fruit to prevent anemia and protect the stomach, support the immune system, beautiful skin

Dragon fruit helps improve cardiovascular health by reducing bad cholesterol levels and adding good cholesterol

Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin A in the form of carotene, essential for the retina, brightness and vision of the eye. Dragon fruit has the effect of maintaining and improving vision

Dragon fruit is a fruit that has heat

Price and sale of delicious durian frozen:

Frozen Dragon fruit products

Frozen Dragon fruit products

Information of frozen dragon fruit:

· Package 500g / package and 1kg / package

· Put in 2 or 3 bags of PE / PA fruit / vacuum bag, 5kgs carton and 10kgs / carton or according to customer requirements.

· Delivery time: Air cargo: 3-5 business days, container 1 to 2 weeks from the date of signing the contract.

Payment: T / T and L / C

Process of frozen dragon fruit production: shelling, cleaning, cutting, vacuum packing and freezing.At present, Giau Seafood Company specializes in providing frozen Dragon fruit with the following specifications and reasonable prices:

Specification: fresh and delicious frozen Dragon fruit

Delicious chilled Dragon fruit will help you prepare delicious food, most commonly using durian for making tea, cake such as lotus durian, durian cream, green bean cake Dragon fruit, coconut candy, Dragon fruit coconut … are very famous and delicious dishes that you can process with fresh frozen Dragon fruit. Not only is it delicious, but you can also get a lot of nutrients inside the Dragon fruit.

You need to buy frozen dragon fruit to treat family but do not know where to buy for good and quality, please remember to our company Giau nhe offline. We specialize in providing large quantities of frozen foods especially frozen products that make it easy to buy the food you need in a snap. We look forward to serving you

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