Frozen squid – Specialize in providing frozen seafood quality

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Frozen squid – Specialize in providing frozen seafood quality

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Squid is always a valuable seafood. In squid meat contains a lot of nutrients such as protein; Calcium; Micronutrients (copper, zinc) phosphor; Iron; Vitamins A, B1, D, E º Regular toning can help prevent the aging of the body.Each toner will give a different taste due to the effect of water flow. However, squid is considered one of the best selling products compared to other seafood items at supermarkets, restaurants, eateries … by eye-catching forms and simple, easy-to-eat processing. . We are specialized in supplying high quality frozen squid in the whole country.

Squid frozen whole

supplying high quality frozen squid

supplying high quality frozen squid

It is possible to provide goods originating from different seas, depending on the requirements of the partner.

Do not use chemicals during transportation to keep the ink fresh for long.

Do not use Ure to whiten and create toughness, crunch for ink.

Do not soak the ink in water to gain weight.

Do not sell inks frozen for a long time, reducing the taste of squid.

Provide 100% fresh squid or frozen squid, depending on the requirements.

In Quang Ninh, Hai Phong or the northern sea, the cuttlefish are often caught near the shore, near large boulders. People usually go fishing at night, then gather at wholesale markets, seaports. The staff of Yen Thao will come to each boat, selecting the freshest cuttlefish, with different sizes. Upon completion of the purchase process, the frozen squid will be delivered immediately to Hanoi and distributed to traders, supermarkets, restaurants in various forms: fresh 100% or frozen, close Vacuum package

As for sea squirts in Nha Trang, Nha Trang, the transportation to Hanoi will take about 1-3 days, depending on each order is shipped by plane or car. The fresh squid spawn from the night will be sold at seafood wholesale markets on the Danang coast from 4 to 5 am. According to our experience, this time is very suitable to determine if the ink is fresh or not, because in the darkness of the mat paper, the fresh squid still has to light up a recognizable color, especially the pair The eyes of the ink must shine brightly.

Price of frozen squid in Ho Chi Minh City

supplying high quality frozen squid

supplying high quality frozen squid

With squid leaves from Phu Quoc, Vung Tau, we are forced to directly freeze the product, vacuum bag to ensure the freshness, not dehydration of squid, by the distance transported to Hanoi. Quite far. Frozen Squid leaves in this area usually have two sizes:

Type 1: 2 – 3 heads / kg Type 2: 3 – 4 heads / kg

Phan Thiet squid is frozen inks right after the ship has just landed. Squid with high commercial value are preferred by the EU and Japan. Phan Tiet Squid is one of the famous seafood specialties with delicious, natural sweet taste. Products stored in the freezer kept for 12 months. Suitable for food restaurants, family dishes are both favorite or luxurious, practical gifts.The most commonly consumed ink in the home family is squid with leaf squash. Squid are caught directly from the sea, and frozen fishermen right on the ship to preserve ink in the best way.

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