Dried taro – how much – sold in hcm

Dried taro – how much – sold in hcm

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You are looking to buy delicious aromatic dried taro, please quickly choose the best aromatic dried taro produced by Giau seafood company we provide with a reasonable price and quality. Please be sure.

About the delicious attractive taro:

Dried sweet potatoes are attractive

Dried sweet potatoes are attractive

Daily foods such as rice, bread, etc are also boring. So why not try changing your taste to sweet potato? Sweet potatoes such as sweet potatoes, taro, potatoes, … especially taro products are attractive. Taro is a kind of sweet potato in terms of taste is slightly different from the sweet potato, sweet potato. Taro has a violet-colored intestine like yams, along with a fairly rough shell. Sweet potato is not sweet as sweet as sweet potato, but it has a rather good taste, not eaten so much. Taro can be planted in the rainy season, and most potatoes can only be planted this season, as the nature of the potato grows when it needs a lot of water.

Taro leaves off the ground with the fresh mint leaves, but leaves of taro are lower. There are rumors that taro causes itching, which is caused by the small amount of fluff on the potato, when sensitive skin becomes irritated and itchy, so be careful. Pre-processing taro. From the fresh taro product, Giau company has launched a very attractive product that is delicious and delicious taro drying to meet the need to enjoy the taro can still be preserved for a long time.

The therapeutic effect of taro:

Against aging

This food contains a lot of nutrients such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, carotene, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin B, saponin … help the human body fight off the aging agent Skin, increase eyesight, increase resistance, laxative …

Where to sell healthy taro in Ho Chi Minh City:

Dried sweet potatoes are attractive

Dried sweet potatoes are attractive

A delicious dried taro product
A delicious dried taro product

If anyone has never enjoyed the product Potato Drying it is regrettable, because this product has the following characteristics:

Quality standards for export
Do not use color products
No sugar, no preservatives
Not cholesterol
Taste and color naturally
Good for health
Ensure food safety
Usage and storage:

Products used immediately after purchase
After opening, take a little out, pull the ZIP hard to get the product is crispy longer, if the air into the fast will make the product quickly, eaten crispy, delicious.
Store in a dry, dry location, away from moisture

At present, Giau Food Company is supplying delicious and delicious dried taro with reasonable price and reasonable price as follows:

Specification: delicious dried sweet potatoes packed

Selling price of delicious taro: Contact

With sweet potatoes, you can prepare a variety of delicious dishes with different flavors attractive, helping the family meal to avoid the boring. In addition, you can also bring taro to cook tea is a very delicious delicious food can not be ignored.

The above is the sale price of taro drying, where the best selling delicious taro is the most attractive. If you want to buy delicious dried taro products please contact our company, we guarantee you will receive the best quality products.

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