Dried powdered leaves attractive lemon, a versatile foods

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Dried powdered leaves attractive lemon, a versatile foods

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Do you know the great use of fresh lemon leaves in your daily life? Not only is it an indispensable spice for many delicious dishes but it is also a natural medicine that helps to treat common diseases quite well. Let’s find out lemon leaf powder.

Luscious, luscious lemon powder:

fresh lemon leaves

fresh lemon leaves

Housewives have long known the great use of lemons, not only lemons but also lemons, which are also very good spices, in addition to being a good medicine. Used to treat common everyday illnesses. Lemon leaves follow the oriental medicine has a bitter taste, aroma, warmth, used to treat the symptoms, headache is very good, mainly by the use of hot water and sauna is very good, but also can use With powder mixed with drinking water, the same effect. It is medical, and in food, lemon leaves are a spicy dish that when combined with dishes from fresh chicken will create delicious taste very attractive. Lemon leaves are often used in famous lemon leaves steamed chicken. The taste and aroma of fresh lemon leaves will permeate into each piece of chicken, combined with the tough and sweet of steamed chicken, spiced with spices like salt or fish sauce is delicious. In addition, lemon leaves are the main ingredient for lemon pepper, a delicious spicy flavor for your family’s delicious meals.

Lemon leaves have a bactericidal effect, sputum should help reduce swelling pain caused by pimples effectively. Lose blemished pain caused by acne formula: lemon leaves 10g, 8g sprout leaves, 10g bamboo. You need to dry, flush these ingredients and sprinkle them in the lesions of boils and bandages for about 8-10 minutes. Date applied 2 times. You can relax, headache with many folk remedies, including lemon and lime leaf, grapefruit, chamomile, bamboo leaf, each 50g, 20g mint, lemongrass 2 garlic 3 branches. All washed, boiled water for sweating. This drug helps to stimulate sweat secretion, relieve headache and resolve the effect.

Selling price of fresh lemon powder attractive:

fresh lemon leaves

fresh lemon leaves

Nowadays, in our company, we are selling fresh lemon leaf powder, an indispensable spice in the delicious meals of your family with reasonable price and reasonable price as follows. We supply pure lemon leaf powder used in the food processing industry of instant noodles, snacks, … or to enhance the flavor of the dish. Lemon leaf powder is made from 100% pure lime leaves, no preservatives, additives, chemicals, and modern chains to ensure food safety.

Specification: lime leaves packing

Selling price of delicious lemon leaf powder: Contact / kg

With the lemon leaf powder, Giau suggested you a delicious dish can do with fresh lemon leaf powder, which is salty lemon shake salty attractive, is an easy to do dishes. Fresh salmon fried for crispy, then let the lemon leaf powder shake for a delicious taste and special will not have a bitter taste so you feel safe.

Above is the place to sell delicious lemon leaf powder, the sale price of lemon leaf powder, the use of fresh lemon leaf powder for delicious dishes. Please immediately order the product immediately lime leaves of Mr. Rich and processing for the family enjoy offline.

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