Frozen Lemograss – Whole – indispensable spices for Vietnamese dishes

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Frozen Lemograss – Whole – indispensable spices for Vietnamese dishes

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Lemon is an essential spice in our present life. Lemongrass is very popular and is distributed by Giau company with an extremely reasonable price to ensure you have the freshest source of quality freshness.

Introduction to the characteristics of fresh lemongrass:

fresh lemongrass

fresh lemongrass

Lemongrass can be grown in both sunny and rainy seasons, as the plant grows quite strongly. Lemongrass has a rather hard body, but it is often taken soft intestine inside the citronella for seasoning. Lemongrass has quite a variety of uses. The first way, Lemongrass has a rather hard body as mentioned above, is to peel the citrus peel, which is quite hard and almost impossible to eat, after red use the small intestine inside is quite soft and fragrant, along with a few leaves . This intestinal section can be chopped and cut short for use as a condiment of marinated fish fillets, making the delicious dishes more attractive. The second way is that you can bring lemongrass into lemon grass, use it as a very effective flavor. Finally, you can use fresh lemongrass to use as a saffron, or used to steam, boil foods to use the deodorant and scent for effective dishes.

Lemongrass also helps to reduce air problems in the body because of the ability to relax the stomach muscles. It not only helps to remove gas from the intestines, but also prevents gas. Stimulate digestion, eliminate bad breath, sputum. Drink 3-6 drops of essential oil for abdominal pain. Notice the constipation that has a fever without lemon grass, not for children under 1 year, not a long time.Lemongrass essential oil is used to enhance and improve the functioning of the nervous system. Confucianism. It assists in treating some neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, convulsions, tension, dizziness, tremors, limbs, epilepsy.

Selling price of delicious lemon grass:

fresh lemongrass

fresh lemongrass

Currently in Giau company we are selling fresh lemongrass products with the price and specifications are extremely reasonable as follows:

Specification: lemongrass delicious

Price of delicious lemongrass: Contact / kg

With lemon grass products will definitely make you get delicious dishes attractive. Lemongrass can be used to boil snails are quite delicious. Creates a very good taste. In addition, we can use lemongrass to marinated fish meat and when frying them will create a very fragrant aroma and taste. Let’s quickly order fresh instant fresh herbal products.

Eating lemon helps to detoxify the body by increasing the amount and frequency of urination (urination). This helps the liver, digestive tract, pancreas, kidneys and bladder to be clean and healthy by supporting the body to remove unwanted toxins and uric acid.Especially lemon juice detoxification very quickly, you can use a bunch of crushed lemongrass, filtered water, decoction of a cup. Heavy drinkers will quickly wake up and tired, with headache.

Only with a price not too high, you can now own a delicious lemon grass and then. Mr. Giau Company is the place to sell lemongrass delicious and attractive that you can not miss. Please contact us and order now.

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